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I’d Rather Read Than Watch

Once upon a time if you wanted to put any content on the Internet, you had to write it out or make a picture of it. Text and basic graphics was all that the computers and net infrastructure could handle, … Continue reading

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Thoughts About “Speech, Conversation, Debate, Engagement, Communication”

So hot on the heels of my rambling post yesterday about people being raging jerks on Twitter, John Scalzi has posted something about how we talk to each other that really says a lot of things I agree with.  Succinctly. Like … Continue reading

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Beauty Versus Ugly

The Miss America pageant was held last night. Now, normally, that wouldn’t rate even a minor blip on my radar. In my not so humble opinion, pageants objectify women, no matter how much they try to stand on their heads … Continue reading

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Zeroes of Cosplay

The new Syfy series Heroes of Cosplay isn’t for everyone. If you’re not into science fiction/fantasy, gaming, crafting, dressing up in costumes or just general fun and goofiness, this show definitely isn’t for you. It’s especially not for you if you … Continue reading

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