The best things on television

We don’t watch much television these days. Most of it is dreck, sure. We do give the DVR a workout with a couple of dramatic series, and I have a couple of reality shows that I wouldn’t dream of missing. There’s even a show or two I hate-watch with shameful regularity.

But honestly, the best things on television are commercials. This has been true for quite a few years as far as I’m concerned, but lately it seems like advertisers have really stepped up their game. The very best commercials tell a little story; the cream of the crop are great examples of how to pare down ideas to just their barest essentials so that you can get the whole plot out there within 15 or 30 seconds.

Now, keep in mind that I hate, hate, HATE being marketed to. I’m just one of those people who is likely to avoid buying your product if your advertising is overly intrusive, or stupid, or smacks of some sort of exploitation, or any one of a number of other problems. But the one way to get through to me is with humor. I might not be any more likely to buy the product being advertised, but I sure will remember the commercial and talk about it. And isn’t that one of the main things good advertising tries to do? Good, truly funny commercials are television gold! Even the husbeast will stop flipping past the commercials on the DVR if we notice a good commercial in there.

Here are a few recent faves:

Potato chips in a nail salon? Recipe for disaster!

Ugh. Eeek! Owwww…

Seriously?  *sigh*

And what’s probably one of my top ten EVER favorites:

I don’t think that camel will ever get old.

(Obligatory note: I have no connection whatsoever with Lays, T-Mobile, or GEICO, and none of this is to be construed as an endorsement. These are just commercials I find amusing…as always, caveat emptor!)

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